Make Factors to Search for in SMS API Providers

Integrating SMS into company systems is the very best way to truly harness the power of SMS. Having a well-designed interface and obviously thought out business processes, SMS API’s can significantly impact business productivity and reduce costs. For most Businesses, there are four important criteria to ensure a favorable result.

  • Effortless to integrate SMS API
  • Cost-effective pricing options
  • Exceptionally reliable service
  • Technical Support if you need it

Message Media Provides software development kits that contain everything you will need to sms api provider enable your site or program including sample code and re-usable libraries. We support a selection of language/environments such as SOAP/XML, .NET, PHP, Java. Added code examples in Visual C++, VB.NET and ASP are available for the COM API. All our SMS APIs are completely tested.

SMS API Service Provider

Reliable service

Message Media API Sends through our SMS server, which provides full redundancy, complete reliability and guaranteed uptime. We conduct three SMS gateways simultaneously to guarantee backup is always available, this enables us to deliver on our 100% uptime guarantee. Customers also have told us the quality of our big clients is reassuring, especially in a market with a lot of ‘fly-by-night’ providers. Message Media offers A selection of pricing plans that change based on the quantity of messages you send on a monthly basis and the amount of service you need. By way of instance, customers using SMS for mission-critical programs have a requirement that their messages must undergo and arrive punctually; this premium service is slightly pricier than a ‘best efforts’ service.

Our fully featured APIs include delivery monitoring to telephones, net push to enable real time delivery of inbound SMS, reply messages flagged to correspond to outbound message and HTTPS/ SSL protected manner. They have been rigorously tested, but if you need help, we 24/7 if that is what you require.

  • Two-way Messaging: Send messages to any network and get answers back to your program not applicable if using an alpha label.
  • Message Tagging: A special characteristic of two-way messaging that tells your application precisely which outbound message corresponds to a given reply significant for transactional messaging programs.
  • Dedicated Inbound Numbers: Provides your program with the ability to get Mobile Originated SMS also Called MO SMS or Incoming SMS. This allows your customers or workforce to send a message to some number your application can respond to.
  • Delivery Reporting: Enables monitoring of messages, revealing your program the specific time that each message you send is delivered on the handset. This provides your program with an audit trail and empowers escalation in case of non-delivery.
  • Control of Validity Period: permits you to specify how long an outbound message will be valid on the cell network. Once delivered, the mobile network will continue to attempt delivery before the validity interval expires.
  • API Internet Push: Facilitates real time delivery of inbound SMS direct to a URL, instead of ‘polling’, where messages are queued and then disseminated on request. This functionality is great for organisations that need replies from cellular staff or clients, delivered instantly.